Customer satisfaction is our barometer to keep innovating day by day. Of the many of our superior products and most of them are electronic products, of course they do not escape the possibility of factory production defects or other possibilities.

Departing from this possibility, then if you want to send back a malfunctioning product / not working properly, we will gladly receive a return shipment from you.

Return Shipping Method

  1. Wrap the items in a cardboard box and reinsert the product in the packing (cardboard). Try using Bhinneka cardboard for shipping back.
  2. Paste the product return form to cover the delivery sheet. Download and print the product return form file, then paste the delivery sheet that is in packaging Bhinneka
  3. The package is ready to be sent. Packing that is neatly ready to be sent.

Terms and conditions can change at any time, and the policy for this program is fully a decision of We as service providers will always strive to continuously improve the quality of our services to customers.